Beyazıt High School of Finance and Accounting

The Academy of Finance and Accounting was also a prominent base for the student movement with mostly revolutionary students and their resistance against the assaults between 1975 and 1980. Established by the students, the Finance and Accounting Research Association (MAMAD) was a gathering spot not only for the Academy but also for the general community of revolutionary students in Beyazıt.

In 1982, Galatasaray Management Academy, Aksaray Business School, and Beyazıt Finance and Accounting Academy were incorporated under Istanbul Academy of Economics and Administrative Sciences which was continued to run under the name “School of Economics and Administrative Sciences” after joining Marmara University. Academy of Finance and Accounting building was used as Marmara University’s Vocational School of Social Sciences which was established in 1984, then moved in 2013.

The High School of Finance and Accounting was integrated into Marmara University after 1980
and the building is currently abandoned, 2021
Video-Photo: Çağrı İşbilir