Vezneciler Site Student Dormitory

Opened in 1955, Vezneciler Site Student Dormitory is one of the older dormitory buildings that survived to this day. As the main base of the revolutionary student movement in the region since 1968, the dormitory also became one of the most important centers for the movement near Beyazıt for hosting seminars and meetings between 1974 and 1977.

Site Student Dormitory of the time now serves as Vezneciler Girls’ Dormitory, 2021.
Video-Photo: Çağrı İşbilir

It faced several attacks by the Grey Wolves between 1974 and the year it was closed in 1977, and in some of these attacks three people got killed: the dorm staff Abdi Gönen on April 24th, 1975, and Cerrahpaşa (prominent medical school of Turkey) medical students Hüseyin Yavuz and Baki Ünlü on January 25th, 1977. In those years, the name of Site Dormitory was often mentioned because of the conflicts with the Grey Wolves staying in the nearby Sivas Dormitory.

The dormitory was closed in 1977, then reopened as the Vezneciler Dormitory for Girls in 1978, and still continues to serve. Coffeehouses located near the Site Dormitory and the Faculty of Sciences were also among the gathering places of revolutionary students between 1975 and 1980.