Emek Movie Theater

One of the most magnificent buildings in Beyoğlu is the “Serkldoryan” building which was built by the architect Alexandre Vallaury on Abraham Pasha’s order. In this large, five-story building with an interesting façade, the “Serkldoryan Club” (Cercle d’Orient) was founded, which later became the name of the building itself. Read More

Tepebaşı Experimental Stage (Tepebaşı Deneme Sahnesi)

Tepebaşı Deneme Sahnesi which belongs to Istanbul City Theaters was active between 1975 and 1983. A woodshop that was left standing at the site of a fire that burned down Tepebaşı Drama Theater in 1971, was later turned into a 300-seat “free” chamber entirely different from a classical theater. Read More

Baro Han (Istanbul Bar Association)

Baro Han which was built on İstiklal Avenue during the 1960s began to be used as the headquarters of İstanbul Bar Association. Renovated in 2017, Baro Han still serves as the building of the İstanbul Bar Association today. İstanbul Bar which stood up against , anti-democratic laws and implementations,… Read More

Galatasaray High School/Galatasaray Square

Located on the Galatasaray Square, Galatasaray High School has its roots back in the time of Sultan Beyazıt the Second in the 15th century. The school was first founded in 1481 as “Galata Sarayı Hümayun Mektebi”, closed in 1826 and reopened in 1838 as a medical school by the… Read More

Çiçek Arcade / Çiçek Pasajı (A Historic Passage on İstiklal Avenue)

Çiçek Arcade, one of the most famous passages of İstiklal Avenue, was built by Architect Kleanthis Zannos for banker Hristaki Zografos in 1876. “Cite de Pera” was opened as a complex consisting of three apartments, each having 18 flats, and 24 shops located in the arcade section. Çiçek Arcade… Read More

Küçük Sahne (Theater on İstiklal Avenue)

Küçük Sahne was established on the upper floor of Atlas Arcade on İstiklal Avenue. Hagop Köçeoğlu Estate which was constructed after the Beyoğlu Fire of 1870 was sold in 1940 and its ground floor was renovated as a passage before the reopening in 1948. Atlas Cinema was built inside… Read More

The İstanbul Higher Education Culture Association (İYÖKD)

İYÖKD was the first organization set up by the revolutionary youth after the Military Memorandum of March 12, 1971. Established in 1973, İYÖKD carried out its first campaign by requesting general political amnesty, which was later known as the “1974 Amnesty.” It was followed by the “No to NATO” campaign. Read More

İstiklal Avenue

Istiklal Avenue which connects Taksim Square and Tünel Square is one of İstanbul’s most famous main avenues. The region was covered with vineyards and gardens during the Byzantium era and settlements began to appear in 1491 with the construction of Mevlevi Lodge and Acemioğlanlar Barracks which would later become… Read More

Istanbul Technical University (ITU)

İstanbul Technical University (ITU) is our country’s first technical university and its history dates back to “Mühendishane-i Bahr-i Hümayun” set up in 1773. It was renamed “Yüksek Mühendis Mektebi (High Engineering School)” in 1928, using Gümüşsuyu Barracks as well as Taşkışla and Maçka Armories. In 1944, it was restructured… Read More

Turkish Cinematheque Association

The Turkish Cinematheque Association was established in 1965 under the leadership of Onat Kutlar. It is known for the movie screenings, panels and exhibitions organized initially at its location on the Mis Street on İstiklal Avenue, then at Şişli Kervan Theater and at the Cinematheque Theater on Sıraselviler after… Read More

Istanbul Sports and Exhibition Hall

Located in Harbiye, Istanbul Sports and Exhibition Hall was opened with the 1949 European Wrestling Championship and it was also the venue for Istanbul International Fair of Commerce and Industry the same year. Indoor sports competitions such as basketball, volleyball, handball, wrestling and boxing matches were held and dance… Read More

The Republic Monument

As one of Istanbul’s symbolic structures located in Taksim Square, the Republic Monument is an important landmark which reflects the Young Republic’s Westernized face. The con-struction of the monument commissioned by the Istanbul Municipality to sculptor Pietro Canonica took more than two years. Canonica constructed the monument with his… Read More

Taksim Square

Taksim Square can be depicted as a gate to Beyoğlu, and also the junction point of the roads connecting many districts (on the European side) of Istanbul. The history of Taksim Square dates back to Taksim Maksemi after which the square was named. Taksim Maksemi, the structure where Beyoğlu’s… Read More

Dostlar Theater

Dostlar Theater is a company set up by Genco Erkal in 1969 and continues to stage plays for the past 52 years based on the concept of progressive and socialist realist art. Dostlar Theater has become a base for culture and education with the Amateur Workers Theater Group and Contemporary… Read More